Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Find Your Next Clean Read

A "clean read" is a term that describes a book that's been written without scenes of graphic violence, sex, or profanity. That being said, don't confuse a clean read with a middle grade novel, a children's story, or even Christian fiction. The theme of a clean read can be as mature as any other novel, and they come in every genre imaginable. For example, due to its lack of profanity, graphic violence, and sex, The Hunger Games trilogy could be considered a clean read.

Listed below are two clean read websites. Take a moment to browse the websites. You might just find your new favorite author!


Created and run by independent author Lia London, Clean Indie Reads is "the best ever database for clean books written by independent authors." Lia 's website lists over 2,300 independent authors, from debut authors to New York Times best sellers. The majority of Lia's listings also include exclusive author interviews.


Clean Reads (formerly Astraea Press) is a small, independent publisher that "offers new releases every week from industry leading talent in every genre." They publish hundreds of novels in multiple genres including romance, young adult, and mystery. They also run a blog featuring author interviews and Friendship Fridays.

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