Friday, December 25, 2015

How to create an Amazon Family Library


Did you know Amazon Prime members can buy a book one time and share it for FREE with up to five family members in their household?

Setting up an Amazon Household includes the following benefits for no added expense:
  • Creation of a Family Library of shared books, apps, games, and movies. 
  • Free two-day shipping for all adults registered to the Amazon Household.


Setting it up is easy, but both adults need to be present at the time of setup.
  1. On a PC or Mac, logon as the member of the household who has the Amazon Prime membership, and then go to
  2. Click Settings, and then click Invite an Adult under Households and Family Library.
  3. Your spouse must enter their Amazon account information then click Verify Account.

Share Content

You're almost done! Now, it's time to setup content sharing:
  1. You and your spouse must agree to share payment methods and services. Click We authorize payment sharing, and then Create Household.
  2. Both adults may now check or uncheck the content types they would like to share. 
  3. Choose Create Your Family Library when you're done.
  4. Now, each adult must go to their own Your Devices tab in their accounts (use the same link if you need to navigate there again 
  5. For every Kindle device in your household, make sure you check Show (spouse's name) Content.

Browsing Shared Content

On your Kindle device:
  • When you're viewing your Cloud content, tap the Items filter (typically shows "All Items") and select Shared Books
  • If Shared Books is gray and cannot be selected, make sure you're viewing your Cloud content, not the On Device content.
In your Kindle App:
  • When you're viewing your Cloud content, simply select All Items or Books from the menu. Your spouse's books now appear along side your Cloud content.
  • If you still don't see your spouse's books in your Cloud content, click the Sync button in your app.

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