Saturday, November 21, 2015

Just Commonly Review Blog: "Pleasantly surprised"

Beneath Claire's House is the front page review this morning over at the Just Commonly book blog. Reviewer and self-prescribed book nerd, Annie, praised the book.

Normally not a fan of "horror type paranormal genres," Annie states she was "Pleasantly surprised by how into Beneath Claire's House I was ... This is a thriller, and the vivacity of Corey's descriptions of events will get the hair on your skin to stand up ... The surprising twists and turns throughout the story will keep you guessing, and all for the better."

Annie specifically calls on readers "that love a clean novel" to give the book a read because it "is devoid of any sexual content, profanity and substance abuse and will be a read that any teenager and adult can enjoy."

Please click over to Annie's full review on her blog, and check out her other book reviews while you're there, especially if you're a fan of historical or contemporary fiction.

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