Sunday, October 4, 2015

Debut Novel: Beneath Claire's House

My debut novel, Beneath Claire's House, is now available in ebook format at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and more. Amazon and iBooks allow you to download a free sample to your Kindle or iPad, which equates to roughly the first three chapters of the book. B&N will allow you to preview the book online. You can also find it listed on Goodreads, though no preview is available there.

Beneath Claire's House is a supernatural thriller suitable for ages 13 to adult ("PG-13"). Copies have been sent to indie reviewers across the Internet, and at least a couple of those reviews should be available within 90 days (December-ish). Watch this blog, my Facebook page, and my Twitter feed for review blurbs. You can also subscribe here to receive information about future stories.
From debut author Corey J. Popp comes a young adult, supernatural thriller that will keep readers guessing until its shocking conclusion.
Sixteen-year-old Claire Young is tormented by a recurring, prophetic nightmare and visitations from gruesome, mutilated ghosts. She's convinced the apparitions intend to harm her widowed father, but there's little she can do locked away in Saint Thomas Psychiatric Hospital. Her situation is hopeless until a mysterious priest delivers the name of a man who may be the only one willing to help. Claire launches a daring scheme that leads her and her best friend to a former paranormal investigator.
But the matter is complicated by Claire's own father. Convinced his daughter is schizophrenic, he'll send Claire back to Saint Thomas permanently if he discovers she’s still clinging to her delusions. Claire and her friends must tread lightly to complete the investigation, but amid bizarre twists and chilling encounters, she’ll discover her home's basement is hiding something far more sinister than just ghosts.

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