Saturday, February 5, 2011

ING spells gerund

A gerund is a type of verbal phrase that acts as a noun.

Verbal phrases include:

  1. Infinitives.
  2. Gerunds.
  3. Participles.
All about gerunds

  1. A gerund always ends in ing.
  2. A gerund can be a subject, objectsubjective complement, or an appositive.
  3. A gerund is never set off with commas (unless it's an appositive).
  4. As a test, a gerund phrase can be replaced with the word "something."
John enjoys playing guitar.
Test sentence: John enjoys something.
  Being nice is John's trademark.
 Test sentence: Something is John's trademark.
Gerunds and possession
A gerund is a noun so possession is shown the same way with a gerund as with any noun. You can test the sentence by substituting any noun in place of the gerund.
Everyone thought the puppy's running was adorable.
Test sentence: Everyone thought the puppy's face was adorable 

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